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a greener future starts here.


Green Abode offers local, economical, environmentally-friendly shopping options for all your dorm room or apartment needs. All purchases come with free delivery! Check out our collections below.

our mission

Our mission is to provide consumers with sustainable, low cost options for purchasing and disposing of household goods and to inspire others to work toward a greener, waste-free world.

We want the best for your home and our earth.

circulating items in the economy: how it works

Green Abode intercepts valuable post-consumer products on their way to the landfill or incinerators,
cleaning, disinfecting, and repairing items as needed to keep them in circulation.  We do this by working with apartments, sororities, fraternities and individuals to collect unwanted items. The items we collect we post for sale on this website or donate to local shelters. Either way, these items can continue circulating in the economy.

By choosing to donate or purchase these items, you are conserving finite resources, limiting carbon emissions, and helping the world move toward a waste-free, greener future.

It’s as simple as that! Click here to contact us for free pickup.

Blog posts


I had a wonderful experience purchasing from Green Abode, the service is always very fast and the prices are student-friendly. I also appreciate that Green Abode staff delivers purchased items to you since I don't always have the option of arranging a ride. Overall, I am very fond as I get to support a good cause and doing my part to slow down the climate crisis.


Green Abode’s fantastic service has enabled our fraternity to be more eco-friendly. I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to a more green community.

Miles (Alpha Tau Omega President)

My blender has been working great and I’m happy to be using a perfectly good used appliance.   I know the waste in Lawrence is high due to so many students moving every year, and it’s such a great opportunity to make sure good household products are made available to other folks in town.